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The #metoo tag has united women’s movements in a global campaign against sexism and violence. The #metoo petitions in Sweden describe the structural oppression exercised through sexual harassment and sexual violence that takes place in most professions and contexts such as lawyers, doctors, construction industry, politicians, journalists, students in upper secondary schools, the music industry, etc. Overall, the #metoo activism has made a huge medial and political impact.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary research project is to investigate, through a mixed method approach, the development of the #metoo activism in Sweden. The aim is to document the development of the Swedish #metoo activism and compare the consequences for the actors in different sectors. Based on these results, we will use a participatory design methodology to further develop strategies and tools that can strengthen democratic processes and support continued work against sexual harassment and abuse.

The initial data collection was funded by Formas (2018-2019). This data collection specifically targets material at risk to be lost, such as online materials not covered by archival routines of traditional media and all the experiences that weren’t published, which we will gather through interviews, focus groups and surveys with organizers and other involved actors. Through this data collection we want to ensure and maintain this unique but volatile material for future analyses.

Some publications:

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Sveningsson, Malin, Karin Hansson, Hillevi Ganetz, and Maria Sandgren. (2019). Framing the Swedish #metoo movement. In Nordmedia 2019, Malmö, Sweden. Malmö.

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies Gender Studies Media Technology Social sciences Sweden

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2019 — 2023

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