Aniara is located on floor 7 of the library. Please note that its opening hours differ from the general opening hours of the library.

In this area you will find areas for group studies as well as singly study seats, and a lecture hall.

Aniara is the home to two quite big group study rooms (UB 786 and UB 787). These rooms may be booked by any student at Södertörn University or Swedish Red Cross University. To book, please go to the usual booking system External link., where you will also find information about equipment and space.

You will also find two small study rooms aimed for single studies (UB 788 and UB 789). They cannot be booked, just drop in.

Opening hours

Aniara is open on weekdays but closed on weekends. Please note that this also goes for the group rooms UB 786 and UB 787.