Apply for a qualification

You are welcome to apply for a qualification when you have finished studying.

If you were a student recently and have access to SH-StudyWeb, you can apply digitally, via Student-Ladok, for the following qualifications:

General qualifications

  • Higher Education Diploma
  • Degree of Bachelor
  • Degree of Master (one year)
  • Degree of Doctor (two years)
  • Degree of Doctor
  • Degree of Licentiate

Teaching qualifications (for students admitted in the autumn semester 2011 or later)

  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Pre-School Education, 210 credits

Degree of Master of Arts in Primary Education, specialising in:

  • Pre-School and School Years 1–3, 240 credits
  • School Years 4–6, 240 credits
  • Extended School, 180 credits

Degree of Master of Arts/Science in:

  • Secondary Education, 240 credits
  • Upper Secondary Education, 300 or 330 credits.

Other professional qualifications

  • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work, 210 credits

Processing times vary depending on the time of year, from one week up to eight weeks in the summer. Applications are dealt with in order. Applying for a degree/diploma certificate is free of charge. Södertörn University only issues digital certificates with e-signatures. The digital certificate is your original.

Before applying:

  • Check that courses that must be included in your degree/diploma are registered as completed.
  • In general, only completed courses may be included, but there are exceptions.
  • Studies abroad may be included provided that the credits have been transferred and reported in Ladok. This must be done before your application is submitted.

Information for students on programmes

  • You must have completed the compulsory elements of the programme for its name to be written on the certificate.