Credit transfers

Have you studied a course at another higher education institution that you feel is equivalent to what you are studying here? Or have you studied courses abroad and want them included on your degree certificate? If so, you can apply to have the credits transferred.

If you have completed a course or courses at a different higher education institution in Sweden and want them included on your degree certificate, they do not need to be transferred here, they are included anyway.

However, if you have studied a course or courses that you feel are equivalent to some on the programme you are studying, you should apply to have the credits transferred. This is so that you don’t need to study something for which you already have the equivalent skills or knowledge.

If you have studied one or more courses abroad and want these included on your degree certificate, they must first have the credits transferred and registered in Ladok.

Transferring credits means that a particular course, or skills or knowledge acquired through working, may be included as part of another course or programme. Chapter 6 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance has provisions about credit transfer at all levels of higher education. Paragraph 7 of this chapter includes credit transfers from prior learning. This means that you can apply for credits based on your accumulated skills and knowledge, regardless of how you have acquired them or whether you have formal documentation of them or not. Please contact a study guidance counsellor if you would like more information about credits for prior learning.

Rules for credit transfers Pdf, 229.8 kB.

Routines for credit transfers Pdf, 155.1 kB.

Apply for a credit transfer:

Are you going to study abroad?

You can apply for a Learning Agreement prior to studying abroad. See the below form:

Learning Agreement – application form Pdf, 275.2 kB.

Do you already have an approved Learning Agreement? If you want to make changes to it, please complete the form below:

Changes to the original agreed study programme - Learning Agreement Pdf, 270.2 kB.

Have you studied abroad?

After you have studied abroad, you should apply to have the credits transferred. Complete the form below:

Credit transfer for higher education abroad or for complementary studies Pdf, 305.1 kB.

If you have a Learning Agreement, please submit your application for credit transfer to the person who made the decision about your Learning Agreement.

Studied abroad? Digital certification in Student-Ladok!

Student-Ladok has a section for "Foreign merits", where you can import merits/qualifications into Ladok as a certificate with your courses (via the Emrex service). The number of countries and higher education institutions included in the service is currently limited.

Once the certificate has been imported into Ladok, you do not need to append your certificate to your application for a credit transfer.

You will not see your imported qualifications in Ladok until your credit transfer application has been granted and registered in Ladok. Read more about Emrex External link..

Countries and higher education institutions in Emrex

Sweden, all higher education institutions
Norway, all higher education institutions
Finland, all higher education institutions
Holland, all higher education institutions
Croatia, all higher education institutions
Poland, many higher education institutions
Germany, some higher education institutions
Italy, some higher education institutions

University address:

Södertörns högskola
(Write the name of the unit/person)

Have you studied at another Swedish higher education institution? Complete the form below (in Swedish):

Application for credit transfer within Sweden, in Swedish Pdf, 254.3 kB.

University address:

Södertörns högskola
(Write the name of the unit/person)

Information about applying for credits transfers for prior learning, and what is classed as prior learning, is available in this document.

Information for students about credit transfers for prior learning Pdf, 148.2 kB.

Complete the form below:

Application for credit transfer for from other courses and/or professional experience Pdf, 275.1 kB.

State the academic school, or the subject you are going to study.

University address:

Södertörns högskola
(Write the name of the unit/person)