Group rooms

The university has both bookable and non-bookable group rooms. All the bookable group rooms are in the library.

Booking a group room

You can book group rooms in the library via the web, but this is only available to students at Södertörn University and Swedish Red Cross University. Click on the link below and log in with your SH-Account or your RKH-Account, depending on where you are studying.

Group rooms UB 519, UB 520, UB 521 and UB 522 are on level 5, (the entry level) of the library. Group rooms UB 618, UB 619, UB 620, UB 621 and UB 622 are on level 6. Group rooms UB 786 and UB 787 are on floor 7.

Opening hours

The rooms on floors 5 and 6 are bookable and accessible whenever the library is open.

The rooms on floor 7 (UB 786 and UB 787) are bookable and accessible on weekdays. The area is closed on weekends.

Rules for bookings

If the person who has booked the group room has not arrived 30 minutes after the start time, another group may use it. Remember that all group rooms are unlocked, so please do not leave valuables unattended.

Non-bookable group rooms

Students at Södertörn University can also use any of the non-bookable group rooms on university premises.