IT resources at Södertörn University - rules and conditions of use

Your SH-Account authorises your access to the university’s IT systems. This document lists the rules and conditions that apply to the use of your SH-Account and related IT resources. More information for staff is available in the university’s IT Guidelines.

  • You receive personal authorisation in the form of an SH-Account with a username and password that only you may use.
  • You may not use your authorisation for commercial reasons.
  • You are always individually responsible for the content and design of all communication that uses your authorisation.
  • You are expected to utilise the university’s IT resources in a correct and careful manner, and you may not loan university IT equipment to anyone outside the university.
  • You may not insult any (named or otherwise identifiable) person or group. Nor may you send messages with racist or anti-democratic contents.
  • You may not infringe, i.e. hack, or disrupt the university’s or other’s systems.
  • You may not retrieve, install or forward software that is under copyright.
  • You may not use the university’s networks to surf websites that may offend others, e.g. pornography or violent images/films.
  • You may not copy material that is under copyright (text may be “reused” if it is properly quoted and the correct source is credited). This means that you may not reproduce pictures, text or sound without the permission of the copyright holder. This applies to newspaper articles, books, cartoons, art, music, film – practically everything. See the Swedish Copyright Act for more information.
  • Otherwise, the provisions and requirements in applicable legislation apply.
  • If you comply with the above rules and conditions, you will have access to the university’s IT resources throughout the period of your employment/studies.
  • If you break any of the above rules, you may be suspended from the university’s IT systems for a specific period or permanently.

Other information

You are personally responsible for staying updated about any changes to the university’s rules and conditions. Changes will be announced in Infocenter and on the employee web.