Reassessment of examination results

You can have a grading decision reassessed if you feel that the decision is incorrect.

The university’s regulations on Rights and Obligations describe what reassessment is and when it can be done. It applies to all students at Södertörn University, except police students:

26.2 Reassessment

f a grading decision is obviously erroneous, the examiner is obliged to change the decision if this can be done rapidly, easily and without the grade being lowered (Chapter 6, Section 24, of the Higher Education Ordinance). Changes of this type may occur if the examiner, after the student has been informed of the grading decision, discovers that there has been an error in the assessment. For example, this could happen if, after the grade has been announced, the examiner discovers that a page in the student’s exam paper hasn’t been marked.

A student who wishes to apply to have a grade reassessed must do so on a specific form. Because a reassessment must only occur if it can be done quickly and easily, the student’s request must clearly show the obvious errors they believe the decision contains. A request for reassessment should be made as soon as possible after the results are announced.

Instructions for requesting a reassessment of a written examination

Applies to all students at Södertörn University, including police students:

  1. Go to “My marked written exams”
  2. Log in with your SH-Account.
  3. Click on “Begäran om omprövning av betygsbeslut” (request a reassessment of a grading decision)
  4. Complete the form and print it out
  5. Leave the completed form in the postbox for academic schools outside Infocenter (NB! You must provide a reason for why you feel your examination has been wrongly graded and should be reassessed. If this is not provided, your exam will not be re-marked.)
  6. You will receive an email notification when the reassessment is complete.