Selection process and advantageous activities

How do applicants compete for exchange places and what can I do to have a better chance of getting a place on an exchange?

Selection process

Each applicant competes for an exchange place using a point total that is calculated at the end of the applications round.

It is calculated as follows:

Total = number of credits + (number of credits for passes with distinction ÷ 2) + advantage points from the students’ union

For example: You have studied at Södertörn University for a year and completed 60 credits (gives 60 points). Of these, half are passes with distinction (i.e. 30 credits ÷ 2 = 15 points). You also have a certificate from the students’ union that gives you 7.5 points. In total: 60 + 15 + 7.5 = 82.5 points.

If you want transferred credits to be included in your programme at Södertörn University, but they have not yet been registered in Ladok when you apply, you must add a document from your academic school to the application. These credits will not be counted if this is not done.

Extra points for Master’s students

If you are studying a one or two-year Master’s programme at Södertörn University and have a Bachelor’s degree from another higher education institution, you may add a total of 90 points (180 credits ÷ 2). For these extra points to be included, you must append your degree certificate to the electronic application.

Order of priority

1: Students applying for exchange studies via Södertörn University for the first time have first priority. This means that students compete for exchange places according to the selection process.

2: Students who have previously received an exchange place via Södertörn University are second-in-line for their next application. This means that they can be awarded a place after all the students who are top priority have received one.

In case of illness or other crisis, a certificate is necessary for the student to retain top priority.

What activities are advantageous?

The SöderS students’ union and its associations are important to student life and involvement at Södertörn University. We have therefore decided that students who have important positions in the students’ union and in student associations get extra points when they apply for exchange studies. You can get a maximum of 30 points during your period of study.

Activities and the points system

Position of responsibility (15 points): This applies if you have had a leading position, such as spokesperson, chairperson or editor-in-chief. The position of secretary, treasurer or similar with significant responsibility can also be included here if requested, provided that the association is large/active enough.

Active involvement/mentoring (7.5 points): Given to everyone who has had a position in the association (if the commitment has been more than eight hours per semester). Also given to student representatives (ordinary and substitute) and mentors for exchange students.

Short-term positions (3.5 points): Short-term commitments, such as project manager for a small project or exam invigilation. Short-term positions are defined as having a total time of fewer than eight working hours.

Request certification for commitments that promote student life

The person with responsibility for an association in liable for ensuring that the information provided to SöderS’ coordinator is correct – that the student has been active in the area for which the student is requesting points. When all the information has been given to SöderS, certification is provided by SöderS’ coordinator and can be collected from the SöderS office.

If you are a student representative, please talk to the vice-chair of SöderS to request activity points.