Selection process and advantageous activities

How do applicants compete for exchange places and what can I do to increase my chances of getting a place on an exchange?

Selection process

Each applicant competes for an exchange place using selection points calculated by the International Office after applications have closed.

Selection points comprise:
  • The number of credits you have from Södertörn University.
  • Half the number of VG (pass with credit) credits you have from Södertörn University.
  • The number of extra points provided by positions in the students’ union, its associations or the equivalent.

Please remember that only studies that have been reported in Ladok by the application deadline are included in your selection points. If you have been admitted to a Master’s programme at Södertörn University but have a Bachelor’s degree from another university, you receive 90 extra points. (Remember to append a copy of your degree certificate to your application.)

  • One year of study at Södertörn University gives 60 points.
  • VG (pass with credit) on 30 credits of courses gives 15 points.
  • A certificate from the students’ union showing you have mentored a student gives 7.5 extra points.
  • 60 + 15 + 7.5 = a total of 82.5 selection points.

Order of priority

First-time applicants for exchange studies via Södertörn University are prioritised. Students who have previously received a place through Södertörn University’s exchange programmes or agreements have the lowest priority for exchange places, regardless of selection points.

What activities are advantageous?

The SöderS students’ union and its associations have important functions for student life and student involvement with Södertörn University, so the International Office has decided that students with important posts within the students’ union and the associations will receive extra points when applying for exchange studies.

Students who have been ambassadors, student representatives or the equivalent for their academic schools also receive extra points during selection.

A maximum of 30 extra points from students’ union/association positions will be included in your selection points. The points per position are:

Position of responsibility = 15 points
This applies if you have had a leading position, such as spokesperson, chairperson or editor-in-chief. The position of secretary, treasurer or similar with significant responsibility can also be included here if requested by someone responsible, provided that the association is large/active enough.

Active involvement/mentoring = 7.5 points
Applies to everyone who has had a position in the association (if the commitment has been more than eight hours per semester). Also given to student representatives (ordinary and substitute) and mentors for exchange students.

Short-term positions = 3.5 points
Short-term commitments, such as project manager for a small project or exam invigilation. Short-term positions are defined as having a total time of fewer than eight working hours.

Certification for your application

To get extra points, you must have documentation from the students’ union or your academic school.

You should ask the vice-chair of the students’ union if you want documentation from the students’ union or other association. When SöderS has received all the necessary information, you can collect it from SöderS’ office.