Study leave & non-completion

Do you want to stop studying, or to take a break for a while? This page has information about what you need to do.

The information on this page is being updated. If you have any questions, please contact or read Section 11 of Rights and Obligations.

Study leave & non-completion

Do you want to stop studying, or just take a break? The information below will tell you what you need to do

Have you decided to take a break from studying?

To be granted study leave with guaranteed admission, you must have exceptional reasons for doing so. You can read more about this in Section 11.3 of Rights and Obligations.

Guaranteed admission after study leave only applies if the courses you will study on your programme are available in the period you wish to return to studying, and that you have informed your programme that you wish to restart your studies by 15 April (for the next autumn semester) or 15 October (for the next spring semester). If you are studying a programme that has one intake each year, your study eave will usually need to be for at least one year. Please contact your course or programme for more information.

If you do not have an exceptional reason, as described in Rights and Obligations, you may still take study leave, but it will be without guaranteed admission and you will only be able to return to studying if a place is available in the requested period.

Have you decided to stop studying?

Stopping studying means that you entirely give up your place on the course or programme.

You can do ‘early non-completion’ for up to three weeks after the start of the course or programme. If you stop studying after the first three weeks of a course or programme, you terminate your studies. You can read more about the differences in Section 11.5 Non-completion of studies in Rights and Obligations.

If you want to apply for study leave with guaranteed admission, fill out this form Pdf, 827.6 kB. and email it to your course or programme’s departmental mail address, or to

If you want to discuss your study situation, please contact a careers and study guidance counsellor before making a decision.


Don’t forget to tell CSN if you take study leave or stop studying entirely, so that you don’t have to make repayments. You are only entitled to student finance for the time you are studying.