Wireless network (WiFi)

There are two wireless networks at the university: Eduroam and SHguest. Eduroam is the network for students.

Eduroam is an international network that many higher education institutions (HEIs) are part of. This means that you can connect to Eduroam at all affiliated European HEIs. It is also available in some public spaces, such as airports and railway stations. Read more at http://www.eduroam.se/external link, opens in new window

Connecting to Eduroam

To log in to Eduroam, you should accept the certificate and then enter the login for your SH-Account.


Username: sh18vf4268@suni.se
Password: SH password

Problems logging in?

Contact Infocenter, info@sh.se or call: +46 (0)8 608 40 00