Exchange students with disabilities

If you wish to study at Södertörn University as an exchange student, you need to start by contacting the International Office at your home university to find out how you can be selected as an exchange student.

When a student with disabilities applies to participate in an exchange programme at Södertörn University, it is necessary to establish early contacts between the home university and Södertörn University, so that we can fully understand the services the student will require.Therefore it is important that details of your disability are explained when you apply for an exchange period at Södertörn University.

In Sweden, it is the responsibility of both the home and host universities to cooperate and make the necessary preparations to enable students with disabilities to participate in exchange programmes. The host university has the responsibility for making the necessary preparations to receive students with disabilities whilst the home university is responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred for additional help with learning/teaching. The host university is responsible for adapting study conditions for individual students by organising the learning/teaching support that the student's disability necessitates.

The support and level of service supplied to students with disabilities can vary from country to country. Even the definition of disability, i.e. the types/levels of disability, can be different.

With regard to off-campus support and services, e.g. accommodation etc., the host university has a responsibility for ensuring that students are put in contact with the relevant organisations.

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