Sweden seen through the eyes of the US – changing perceptions?

A new report investigates how the Swedish policy of neutrality and global events have affected the perception of Sweden in the US.

Due to the war in Ukraine

Compiled information due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


01 Jul
05 Jul

A “New Security Landscape” in Europe? 17th ERGOMAS Biennial Conference in Stockholm, 1-5 July 2024

Conference arranged by the European Research Group on Military and Society in collaboration with the Swedish Centre for Studies of Armed Forces and Society. The conference is hosted by the School of Police Studies, Södertörn University.

01 Jul
05 Jul

A “New Security Landscape” in Europe? Challenges and Consequences for Military and Society

The deteriorating security situation in Eastern Europe and across the Baltic Sea region has amplified the need to rethink defence strategies, collaborations, and organisation. Recent years have also seen a shift in many countries’ security and defence policies and practices.

30 Aug

Notification of public defence with Matteo Cattaneo

Doctoral thesis: Woandering towards places of imagination: Reflections through anarchism on the role of educators in Early Childhood Education

12 Sep

Pie counters and automated bureaucrats: AI and algorithms in public administration

This seminar examines the state and potential of automated decision-making and artificial intelligence in public administration, through art, a research presentation and a panel discussion. No registration needed!

18 Sep

The Space of the World: Can Human Solidarity Survive Social Media and What If It Can't?

The Digital Transformations Platform is announcing a seminar led by Nick Couldry, Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

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