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Mehdi Ghazinour



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Ghazinour is a professor of social work, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in CBT, and a supervisor in clinical psychology. He has gathered extensive experience in psychiatric care over many years, with research interests focused on mental health, well-being, and resilience. In the field of police science, Professor Ghazinour has made significant contributions, particularly in the areas of mental health, social support, and stress management among police officers. His extensive research has shed light on the unique challenges faced by police officers professionals, including the stressors inherent in their roles and the importance of robust support systems. He collaborated with colleagues to develop the Police Stress Identification Questionnaire (PSIQ) and developed a multisystemic theoretical model for police work. Additionally, he has investigated the stress and mental health of police students and supervised several PhD students whose research topics include conflict management, sexual harassment towards police officers, and job satisfaction.

With a global perspective, Professor Ghazinour has led numerous national and international research projects, collaborating with institutions and scholars in countries including Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Iran. His ability to lead multidisciplinary research groups has facilitated impactful cross-cultural exchanges and knowledge-sharing initiatives. As an associated editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Police Studies, Professor Ghazinour contributed to shape scholarly discourse in the field, ensuring that research findings are disseminated widely and effectively. Furthermore, Ghazinour has held roles such as the Director of Research Environment within Umeå University's Police Education and as the Director of the Center for Police Research and Development at Linnaeus University. Currently, he serves as the Head of the School of Police Studies at Södertörn University, where he is actively involved in the developing police research environment of police education and establishing police science programs in Sweden.

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