Natallia Pashkevich

Natallia Pashkevich


Dr. Natallia Pashkevich är lektor i företagsekonomi. Hennes forskning fokuserar på produktivitetsökning vid användning av digital teknik.

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Dr. Natallia Pashkevich is a Senior Lecturer in Business Studies at Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences. She holds MSc in National Economics and Accounting in addition to a PhD in Business Administration from Stockholm University. The overarching theme of her research interest focuses on productivity gains resulting from the utilization of digital technology. This can be formulated as a broad research question: How can we use digital technologies to enhance productivity? To address this question, her research explores various contexts and levels of aggregation. One of her individual-level research streams also focuses on the professional worker’s perception of work time, which often does not align with clock time, resulting in what is known as Cognitive Time Distortion. Another research stream focuses on the use of industrial machines (heavy forklifts) that are equipped with numerous sensors, which generate continuous streams of big data. In parallel, she has conducted research at the macrolevel, estimating for the first time the size of information economies in the Nordic countries as a share of their total economies. She has also explored the impact of welfare state systems on innovation performance and competitiveness in several European countries. Her research has been published in internationally renowned academic journals such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Innovation and Knowledge, and Industrial Marketing Management.

Current teaching: Accounting and Taxation (BSc), Financial Management (BSc), Accounting Theory and Practice (BSc), Quantitative Methods (BSc), Management Innovations (MSc)

Supervision/examination of theses (BSc, PhD)

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