Higher education in Sweden

This section explains some commonly used terms in Swedish higher education.


The number of credits tells you the length of a course or programme. A credit in Sweden is the same as an ECTS credit. One week of full-time study is worth 1.5 credits. One semester of full-time study is worth 30 credits. A whole academic year, which is 40 weeks, is worth 60 credits.

A Bachelor’s programme means that you study at least 180 credits, which is three years of full-time study.

Rate of study:

This tells you how much you study during a study period. If the rate is 100%, you study full-time, but if it is 25%, 50% or 75% you are studying part-time.

At Södertörn University the semester is divided into four periods. Each period lasts 4 to 5 weeks and there is an examination week at the end of each period. Usually a student will take one full-time course per period and four consecutive full-time courses in each semester.


The campus is the university area. If you study on campus, you will have lectures or seminars at Södertörn University that you must attend.

When you study a distance course or programme, the majority of your studies are internet-based. For example, this means that you have lectures and discussions via the internet. Some distance courses and programmes may have a few compulsory lectures or seminars at the university.