The Lotte Alsterdal Prize

Lotte Alsterdal died in 2016 after a brief illness. Lotte played an important and active role in the development of the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge and experience-based teacher education at the university. In her honour, the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge has established the Lotte Alsterdal Prize, awarded to the authors of essays at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels that are written in the spirit of Lotte.

Ingela Frän – recipient of the 2017 Lotte Alsterdal Prize

Motivation: “The Aristotelian concept of phronesis – practical wisdom – is at the heart of Ingela Frän’s investigation and the question of whether it can be updated for our time, to find a care paradigm in which meetings with suffering individuals are core. The essay examines the how the governing ideal influences attitudes and education in an accurate and knowledgeable manner. Frän’s approach is constructive; the essay describes how – in spite of everything – there is a place for wise judgements, in the space between medical examinations and the governing financial models for evidence-based and efficient care."