Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is a broad interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, dynamic and engaged research area, which examines human interaction with nature and ecological processes.

Societal organisation and governance, socio-economic development, lifestyle patterns and different social and ecological values, influence human wellbeing, the environment, and sustainability. Multidisciplinary research and knowledge in both natural and social sciences is necessary for the improved understanding the relationships between different social systems, ecological processes and resources, and environmental change.

Environmental Studies thus draw on different approaches, theories and methods from both natural and social sciences for in-depth knowledge and understanding of the causes, effects, scope and management of problems relating to the environment, and necessary conditions for sustainability, all within the subject of Environmental Science.

Research for the improved understanding of the complexity and multidimensionality of environmental issues and problems concerns for example climate, justice, environmental policy, governance, effect of environmental pollution on organisms and ecosystem functions, the link between biodiversity, landscape change and governance, as well as other aspects of sustainability. Our researchers have backgrounds and competence in e.g. natural resource governance, geography, geosciences, ecology, biology, microbiology, political sciences, social sciences, political ecology and development studies in national and international research collaborations. For information about current research focus areas, ongoing research projects and publications, please visit the subject Environmental Science and Projects and publications.

Environmental Studies are affiliated to the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies and most doctoral students are also affiliated with the Baltic and Eastern European Graduate School, BEEGS at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES.


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