Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society

The field of Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society is a strong area of research at Södertörn University. Business Studies, Economics, Sociology and Political Science have developed this research area through interaction and cooperation, creating an environment in which each subject’s strengths are utilised in the study of social institutions and how they change.

PESO encompasses five subject areas for doctoral studies: Business Studies, Economics, Social Work, Sociology and Political Science. Cooperation between these subjects is well-developed; it includes as multidisciplinary research projects, research centres and transdisciplinary doctoral education.

PESO’s research and doctoral education is conducted at the School of Social Sciences, where the subjects and the research centres of Enter Forum, the Academy of Public Administration, Reinvent – the Centre for City Dynamics and the Centre for the Study of Political Organisation (CPO) are also located. There is close cooperation with the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), which works to promote Södertörn University’s research into the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

Many ongoing research projects at the university are associated with the area of Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society. For more information, please visit Projects and publications.


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