Research projects and publications


Publications from our researchers are listed in the research database DiVA. External link, opens in new window.

Research projects

Listed below you find information about current research projects. Of the listing is empty there are no current information available. Please visit our Swedish page for more information.

The Romanian Legionaries in the Western Hemisphere, 1945-1965

Strategies for Survival of Displaced Fascists

The German schools in Stockholm and Helsinki 1933-1995

An entangled history of the Kulturnation

An Archaeological and Historical Study of Early Modern Maritime Battlefields in the Baltic

Ships at War

Evidence from post-Soviet Estonia and post-independence Finland

Conscription as Political Socialization in Divided Societies?

Ideas, Practices, Identities and Legacies, 1860s–1920s

Vegetarianism in the Russian Empire

An Excellence Hub in Research, Education and Public Outreach

Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW)