Research themes

Experience and Use

A central element of research in Media Technology is the use of and interaction with digital media in various contexts. It deals with creating an understanding of how digital design is integrated in practice and how interface design can contribute to comprehensibility and meaning. Our projects explore use in specific environments, such as museums, zoos or related specific practices, such as use research in learning environments. The focus on use has expanded in recent years, particularly in areas of emerging technology that are not tools-oriented, but instead focus on entertainment, reflection and recreation. The focus is on experience to include other experiences that the purely practical. We have projects in this area that related to gaming and physical experiences such as meditation, and interaction and materiality in the maker movement.

Critical Perspectives and Digital Design

This emerging area of research explores the role of digital technology in representing and creating societal phenomena, which could be power structures or how influence is created through digital design. It could also deal with how values are integrated and represented in digital media. The criticism is partly formulated through the analysis of existing technology, partly through design that challenges norms and values. Our projects explore, among other things, social movements on the internet, digital media and sustainable lifestyles, and forms of expression among children and young people.

Emerging Media Technologies

The rapid development of technology brings numerous new technologies that can, in a short space of time, have significant consequences and fundamentally subvert practices and industries. One example is streamed film, which has made the old, physical video formats out of date and changes the character of an entire industry. Therefore, one research theme examines the investigating, shaping and applying technology at the frontline. Subjects of our research include AI in gaming, interaction with drones and robots, and data visualisation and service design.