Psychology deals with how people think, feel and behave in various contexts. At Södertörn University, the subject emphasises factors and processes that lead to balance and development. We cover the main areas of psychology.

Originally, psychology was knowledge of the human soul. The word psychology comes from Greek’s “psyche”, which means “breathing, spirit, self” and “logia” which means “knowledge of”. As a science, psychology aims to describe how and why people think, feel and act in various ways. The subject has a broad base in which biological, neurological, cognitive, social and cultural perspectives are used to create understanding of human thought and behaviour. This perspective is represented through sub-disciplines within psychology, such as social psychology, development psychology, cognition psychology, and works and organisation psychology. Each sub-discipline focuses on understanding humans from its specific perspective.

Research in Psychology is empirically oriented, which means that understanding is created by systematically investigating how people actually think and behave. A number of methods are used for this purpose, such as experiments, interviews, observations and questionnaires. The methods may have a qualitative character, but often include psychological investigations, quantitative methods and statistics.

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