Change of examiner

You have the right to, under certain circumstances, request a new examiner.

The university’s regulations on Rights and Obligations describe what change of examiner is and when it can be done. It applies to all students at Södertörn University, except police students:

16.4 Change of examiner

A student who has taken at least two (2) examinations on a course or module for the same examiner, without achieving a pass grade, may have another examiner appointed for the next examination, unless exceptional circumstances suggest otherwise (Chapter 6, Section 22 of the Higher Education Ordinance).

A student who wishes a change of examiner submits a written request for this to their school. The university’s Delegation of Authority states who makes the decision on a change of examiner.

After a change of examiner is granted, the student takes a new examination on one of the examination dates offered for the course or module.

If the examiner and the teacher marking the exam have been different, the teacher should also change when the examiner changes.

Instructions for requesting a change of examiner

If you want to request a change of examiner, fill out this form Pdf, 721.8 kB. and email it to your course or programme’s departmental mail address, or to