SöderScholar is the library search tool, which will help you to find books, peer-reviewed articles, journals and more. You can see where a printed book is located in the library, and if you're searching for example an e-book you will get a link to the book.

Find it now

Printed books

You can find all the library's printed books in SöderScholar and see what is on the shelf and what is on loan. If the book you're looking for in on loan, you can reserve it.


To find the e-books, articles and databases provided by the library you must go through SöderScholar or the database list External link..

All e-books are found in SöderScholar, following a link to the website where you can access the book. Need help logging in? Go to the page SH: Access to databases and other e-resources or RKH: Access to databases and other e-resources.

Swedish articles

The number of Swedish articles isn't large at the moment, but is gradually growing. The library also provides e-resources (for example Retriever Research) containing articles which are not covered by SöderScholar. You can find these in the database list.

English articles

Most of the articles in the English journals, that we subscribe to, are searchable through SöderScholar. These articles are often in fulltext and in SöderScholar you access them with a link to the website where you can read the article.

Research publications

You will find a large amount of dissertations and conference papers in SöderScholar. In addition, everything which is registered in the university’s digital repository (DiVa) can be found in SöderScholar.

Resources not available in SöderScholar

In the library collection there are resources that are not searchable in SöderScholar for various reasons. In the database list, you will find a symbol that shows to what extent the resource is searchable in SöderScholar. If the circle is completely green it means that the material is fully searchable in SöderScholar. If the circle is completely white, this means that you can't search for the contents in SöderScholar but need to go directly to the database instead.

When something goes wrong

Sometimes the link to the full text doesn't work. If that is the case, click on Report a problem, and we will troubleshoot and hopefully reach the full text of that particular resource.