Studying abroad if you have a disability

Do you want to study abroad and have a disability? You can also receive support while you are studying abroad.

To ensure that you receive the necessary support, it is important that the relevant international officer and the officer for support for students with disabilities have established a cooperation. Please contact them if you have any questions about studying abroad.

Both Södertörn University and the host university (where you will be studying) are responsible for making preparations so that you can participate in an exchange programme. We are responsible for the extra costs that may arise due to special educational support. The host university has a responsibility for creating the right conditions for your studies when you have a disability. They are also responsible for providing you with special educational support.

Support and services for students with disabilities may be organised differently in different countries. The definition of disability, i.e. which impairments are included in the definition, may differ between countries.

For support and services outside your studies – such as accommodation, assistance, etc. – the host university is responsible for providing the relevant contacts in each country.