Studying abroad

Many people dream of studying abroad. All the information you need for studying abroad is gathered here.

Acquire new knowledge and experience through travelling abroad and studying in another country! You broaden your knowledge and improve your language skills, at the same time as getting to know a new country and new culture – and making friends for life. Södertörn University has a range of exchange agreements that are continually developed.

See where you can travel and the agreements and programmes that suit you

Where can I go on an exchange?

The opportunities are endless as Södertörn University has exchange places at universities around the world. A list of the university’s partner universities is available here.

Exchange agreements and programmes

Read more about the university’s exchange agreements and programmes for studying abroad.

Read more about how to apply

Apply to study abroad

Do you want to study abroad? We have made a step-by-step guide for applications to study abroad.

When can I travel?

There are several periods during your studies that are suitable for an exchange. For example – during an elective semester, a placement, before or during work on a degree project, or if you take leave from studies.

Some programmes include an elective semester or a placement period, so if you apply to study abroad for that period you will not need to take a break from your programme.

More information about exchange studies is available here

Selection process and advantageous activities

How do applicants compete for exchange places and what can I do to have a better chance of getting a place on an exchange?

Studying abroad if you have a disability

Do you want to study abroad and have a disability? You can also receive support while you are studying abroad.

Studying abroad independently

The information is for people who want to study at a university with which Södertörn University does not have an exchange agreement, and tells you how you can apply independently.

Foreign traineeship

Gain experience that will benefit your future career by doing a traineeship abroad. You will have the chance to make contacts, improve your language skills and discover new places, at the same time as adding to your CV.

Grants, funding and insurance

When you have decided to study or go on a placement abroad, issues of funding and other practical questions may arise.

Grants, funding and insurance

Studying abroad – funding and insurance

This section has information about funding and insurance for exchange studies.


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