Apply to study abroad

Do you want to study abroad? We have made a step-by-step guide for applications to study abroad.


Application periods for studying abroad

25 maY – 15 june 2021

Possible places remaining for exchange agreements within Europe (Erasmus+) and the rest of the world (bilateral agreements) for Spring Semester 2022.

Erasmus+ Pdf, 376.5 kB.

Bilateral agreements Pdf, 150.4 kB.

If you are interested, please contact for details.

First, we’ll check whether you are eligible for an exchange

  • Are you registered as a full-time student at Södertörn University?
  • Do you fulfil the following conditions:

    For Erasmus+ and bilateral agreements:
    Have you completed at least 22.5 credits at Södertörn University on the date of application, and will you have completed at least 60 credits at Södertörn University when you travel?

    For Linneaus-Palme: Special terms and conditions.

    Read more about the various exchange agreements.
  • Is the plan for the exchange to take place before you graduate?

Are the answers to the above questions YES? Congratulations! You can apply for exchange studies.

Application instructions

Read through the instructions below before starting your application.

NB! You can see the application rounds in the calendar.

  1. Go through the list of the university’s partner universities to see where you want to go on an exchange. Don’t forget to check which subjects the agreement is linked to.
  2. Look through material about the university you are interested in, for example their website, material on the shelves outside the Study and Career Centre and read the advice on SH-StudyWeb in “studying abroad”. Check which courses the university offers, so that it has courses you want to study in a language you are capable of studying in.
  3. Talk to your programme or subject coordinator to discuss the most suitable time for a semester abroad. Remember to discuss the courses you want to study, so you know you can have the credits transferred to your programme when you return.
  4. Rank your alternatives based on what you most want to study. Spread your options because some places are more popular than others. If you intend to study abroad for an academic year, but could also consider only one semester, you must apply for the place for the academic year as option 1 and then the place for a semester at the same university as option 2.
  5. You are now ready to complete you e-application!
    The e-application is always published on the website one month before the application deadline. It is available here. Refer to the calendar at the bottom of the page for information about application periods.
  6. When you fill in the e-application you will need to append other documents. These are:

    a) A motivation letter of 300-500 words, in English. In it, you should present yourself and your reasons for/aims with studying abroad. What aspects from your background (e.g. courses, work experience, travel, intercultural encounters) have prepared you for living abroad? Focus on intercultural experiences you have had, what you learned from them and how they may be valuable for your future studies abroad.

    b) If you have certificates from student activities that provide extra points these should also be appended.
  7. When you are satisfied with your e-application, send it in by clicking on “submit”.
  8. It takes about two weeks to process your application. You may be called toa short meeting to discuss it during this time. When the application process is complete, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided in your application. After this, you will be called – also by email – to a compulsory information meeting at Södertörn University.
  9. Have you been awarded a place? Congratulations! The final stage is to apply to your host university, which then takes an admission decision. You will get more information about this process when you have received a place.

Before you travel

There are specific documents that you must submit before you travel.


For student exchanges 2018-2019

Grant Agreement Erasmus+ student mobility for Studies and Traineeships 2018-2019.docx Word, 92.3 kB. NB! Read the first page of the document carefully, complete the yellow sections and submit as a Word file.

Learning Agreement Erasmus+ student mobility for Studies 2018.docx Word, 109.7 kB. NB! Hand this in to your academic school along with the course descriptions.

Other programmes and agreements

Study plan - Learning agreement.docx Word, 71.3 kB. NB! Hand this in to your academic school along with the course descriptions.