Apply to study abroad

Do you want to study abroad? Fantastic! This page has all the information you need about applying for exchange studies at Södertörn University’s international partner universities.

You can study 1–2 semesters abroad as part of Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree programmes. When you go on an exchange, you pay no tuition fees and keep your student finance from CSN. You are also entitled to transfer the credits from courses you study on your exchange to your programme.

Södertörn University has 130 partner universities in about 40 countries. As a student, you can apply for a place through two agreements and programmes:

  • Erasmus programme: exchange within EU member states, studies linked to your subject.
  • Bilateral agreements: studies in any subject at higher education institutions outside Europe.

Read more about the university’s exchange agreements and programmes for studying abroad. Opens in new window.


The application period for the 2023/2024 academic year has now closed. You will be notified of results in March 2023. Note that it is not possible to change your application.

The university is currently in the process of renewing its exchange agreements. Complete agreement lists will be available once the application period begins. Certain changes in the lists can therefore occur until then.

It may take time to complete your application, so make sure to start in good time. Read through the instructions thoroughly. Research university websites, courses they offer and language requirements before starting your application.

You can only apply for exchange at the universities included in the exchange agreements.

Who can go on an exchange?

To be eligible for exchange studies, you must:

  • be registered in Ladok as a full-time student at Södertörn University.
  • have at least 22.5 credits from Södertörn University documented in Ladok by the application deadline.
  • have completed at least 60 credits at Södertörn University on your departure.
  • be able to transfer the credits from your exchange courses to your degree programme.

How do I apply?

This is a step-by-step guide to applying for exchange studies:

  1. Talk to your programme or subject coordinator about when would be a good time to spend a semester abroad as part of your programme. If you are building your own degree programme, you can book time with a study guidance counsellor Opens in new window..
  2. When applications open, go through the list of Södertörn university’s partner universities to see where you want to go on an exchange.
  3. Check whether the exchange agreement is for Bachelor’s or Master’s level. If you are planning on going via Erasmus+, remember to check with subject the exchange agreement is linked to.
  4. Read about the university you are interested in going to. Find the course catalogues and check which courses are offered during the semester you want to go on an exchange and whether they suit your plan for your studies.
  5. When you have chosen your courses, confirm they are okay with the programme/subject coordinator, or study guidance counsellor, so you know the credits can be transferred to your degree.
  6. Follow the instructions in Mobility Online to apply.
  7. Rank a maximum of 5 options, based on where you most want to study. Spread your options because some places are more popular than others.
  8. Write a motivation letter of 300-500 words, in English.
  9. Append any certification from student activities that provides extra points.

Detailed instructions for applications are in a PDF file called “Ansökningsinstruktioner för utresande utbytesstudenter” Pdf, 190.6 kB..

You will be notified within about two weeks of submitting your application, via the email address you provided in your application. Then you will be called to a compulsory information meeting.

Your motivation letter must be 300–500 words and addressed to the International Office at Södertörn University. The letter may include information about:

  • Why you want to spend a semester on a student exchange.
  • How the exchange relates to your current studies and how it will help your academic development.
  • What you find interesting and challenging about going on an exchange.
  • How an exchange can help your personal development.

Students who have important positions in the students’ union and in student associations receive extra points when they apply for exchange studies. Students who have been ambassadors for their academic schools also receive extra points. Read more about how points are calculated Opens in new window..