Application process for Swedish students

This page has information about the application process for Swedish students.

If you are an international student, please go to

We offer accommodation to students taking at least 15 credits per semester at Södertörn University. We do not have accommodation for families or for couples and international students have priority.

We offer single and shared studio apartments and single rooms in corridors with shared kitchens. More information is available at The shortest possible stay with us is three months. If you wish to extend your contract, you must apply each autumn semester by emailing us. The longest possible stay is two years, but our contracts are for a maximum of one year at a time.

Application process

  1. Fill out the application form. During the application period, the link is at the bottom of this page. Complete the form and press submit.
  2. You will receive either an offer of housing or a notification that you are on the waiting list a couple of weeks after the application deadline. You will also be notified if you are not eligible for university housing.
  3. Once you have received your housing offer, you have five days to accept or decline it. If you decline the offer, you will not receive a second offer from Södertörn University and you will have to find housing on your own. There is an example housing offer here.
  4. If you have accepted your housing offer on time, your tenancy agreement will be emailed to you. Please sign it and return all the pages of the signed contract to us by email.
  5. You will be sent your first invoice well before your tenancy begins. This invoice includes the holding deposit and the first month’s rent. Rent is paid monthly in advance. However, if your contract is for only three months, we will send you one invoice for the whole period.
  6. As your moving-in date approaches, we will send you information about your housing and how and where to collect your key. The earliest you can collect your key is 12 noon on the first day of your tenancy.

You have five days to either accept or decline a housing offer. If you decline the offer, please do so without delay so that we can offer your housing to the first person on the waiting list. Changing housing is not possible. If you decline the first offer, you will not receive a second one and must find your own housing.

Housing offer (example)

Dear name,
You have been allocated a place in a single/shared room with a shared/private kitchen and a private bathroom. You will have access to a laundry room in the building.

Address: address
Room number: room number
Room size: square meters
Holding deposit: SEK holding deposit (equivalent to the last months’ rent)
Monthly rent: SEK rent

If you like to decline this offer, please inform us as soon as possible by answering this email. If you decline this offer you will not receive a second housing offer from Södertörn University.

If you like to accept this offer, please do so by answering this email within 5 days.

When you have accepted the offer, we will send you the housing contract and later you will receive an invoice for the holding deposit. Print, sign, scan and email us all pages of the tenancy agreement you receive from us. Please follow all the instructions on the invoice to make the payment correctly. Otherwise we will not receive your payment on time.

The second invoice will be sent when you have accepted your housing offer, paid your holding deposit and singed your contract. It is not possible to retrieve the key until your holding deposit is paid. The room is let by semester. Even if you stay for a shorter period you will have to pay for the whole semester.

Tenancy period

First day of tenancy: date
Last day of tenancy: date

Moving in

Once you have received your rental contract and paid your first invoice, we will email you information about collecting your key and moving in.


You can collect your keys from 12 noon on the first day of your tenancy, from Huge Bostäder’s office, which is located here External link, opens in new window.. Please remember your ID/passport. Their opening hours are here External link, opens in new window..

Please note that only the student named on the rental contract may collect the key.


When you move into your room, please make sure nothing is broken and go through the kitchen inventory to check that nothing is missing. If anything is broken or missing, you must report this within 48 hours. If you do not do this, you will be charged for repairs or replacements when you move out.

Moving out

Towards the end of your tenancy, you will receive an email with detailed information and cleaning instructions. If your room is not properly emptied or cleaned, you will be charged for the costs generated by the extra administration and cleaning service.


Return your keys by noon on the day after the last day of your tenancy. The key should be left at Huge Bostäder’s office, which is located here. External link, opens in new window. If any keys are missing, you will be charged for changing the locks

Period of notice

The period of notice is two months, but the minimum possible tenancy is three months. Please email us if you if you want to give notice.

If want to extend your contract, please email us so we can see if this is possible. Please note that the longest possible tenancy is two years.