STEM and equality, diversity and inclusion for research enhancement in Portugal


Ann Mutvei Berrez


EU Horisont 2020




STEP aims to create a networking collaboration between the Instituto Politecnico De Braganca (IPB) and four research institutions in Italy, Spain, Sweden and France with the final aim of increasing IPB research profile, boosting its research capacity especially in the STEM domains in dialogue with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles (EDI). Interdisciplinary research on EDI is almost totally unaddressed in Portugal, therefore STEP will also contribute in introducing a new research line at IPB in such strategic topics for the quality of research and the scientific environment.

These transversal research areas will be embedded in an intensive set of training and networking actions addressing more in general to strengthen IPB research and management capacity and international exposure. For the achievement of such objectives the project will rely on a various set of methods, such as: 1) interdisciplinarity and knowledge sharing, 2) capacity building, 3) participatory approach, 4) inclusivity and sustainability and 5) far-reaching methods for communication and engagement. The Twinning exercise will build on an appropriate set of key actions from joint training and research paths, to bilateral meetings, to short- and medium-term visits to dedicated conferences and summer schools, leading to new research opportunities and joint research projects in the field

Fatima Jonsson, lektor/researcher,

Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro, lektor/researcher,

Ann Mutvei Berrez lektor/researcher,

Mona Petersson, lektor/researcher

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Institutionen för naturvetenskap, miljö och teknik Biologi Medieteknik Miljövetenskap Media Europa




2023 — 2026

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