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Welcome to one of Sweden's most popular places to study Journalism – we educate versatile journalists who are ready to meet the future!

Are you passionate about social issues? Do you want to provide people with information and motivate them? Do you want to express yourself in text and pictures and master the latest media technology? If so, studying Journalism at Södertörn University is right for you. We provide you with theoretical knowledge and insights into the latest research, combined with practical skills in the technical tools currently used in the industry. You learn everything from interview techniques and personal profiles to digital production and web publication. The programme includes two long placements to give you an experience of working life, and ends with a large independent project.

Södertörn University has close contacts with the industry and works to remain at the leading edge, in line with the rapid developments in the media. We educate tomorrow's journalists!

Research Profile

From the start, the aim of teaching Journalism at Södertörn University has been to provide our students with practical knowledge. Most of our researchers have years of experience from working in the media sector.

This shows in our research, which takes a great interest in published journalism, involving both the editorial process and the profession's development. Teachers with academic qualifications combined with their journalistic experience contribute to this field both in teaching and research, thus offering a very wide network of contacts in research and the editorial world.

The profession and its practice in the contemporary media forms the foundation of our research profile. This spills over into the students' curriculum, especially in the Journalism and Multimedia (JMM) programme where the focus is on media convergence, multi-channel publishing, new types of publication and their impact on the media. Our expertise in this field gives us a research profile that distinguishes Journalism education and research at Södertörn University from other Swedish institutes of higher education.