What's included?

Sustainability and diversity from genes to ecosystems

On this course, you will define and discuss different aspects of biological diversity, such as diversity within species, at species level, at ecosystem level, and at different spatial and temporal scales, as well as critically analysing theories and models for different aspects of conservation biology. You will also learn to synthesise biological and social theories, allowing a complete analysis of the role of biodiversity in a sustainable human society and discuss biodiversity from a variety of ethical viewpoints.

Course design

The course is examined as two modules. The grade for the theory aspects of the course is awarded on the basis of a 4-credit take-home examination, while project assignments account for the other 3.5 credits. These take the form of oral presentations at seminars and individually written reports. Teaching is conducted through lectures, seminars and computer-aided theoretical modelling, with about 20 hours of teacher-directed learning during the course.