What's included?

Problematising and assessing environmental collaboration and expert participation

Multidisciplinary analysis of international environmental collaboration is the particular focus of this course, but you will also discuss the implications at national and local levels. You will synthesise theories related to multilevel governance, Europeanisation, and regime analysis with bearing on environmental topics, using them as analytical instruments to enrich the understanding of complex key relationships. The course also includes the problematisation of major features of EU influence over contemporary environmental governance and compares and problematises major environmental issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. You will learn to apply given theoretical frameworks to research questions for exploring the interaction between science and policy, as well as to understand the implications of expert participation in relation to sustainable development. You will also critically assess the social, political and ecological impact of the various forms of expert and stakeholder participation in contemporary environmental governance.

Course design

This course is primarily taught through lectures that are combined with compulsory seminars; these are designed to provide support for your study of the course literature. The course is examined through a written examination that covers the course literature and seminar assignments.