What's included?

Theories and methods on the media’s significance in everyday life

This course provides you with practical knowledge and approaches for studying the media and their role in our everyday lives, giving a detailed outline of the media roles and functions in everyday life. You will learn to independently summarise, analyse and evaluate advanced academic texts, and to communicate these skills orally (in academic seminars) and in written reports. You will also independently and critically discuss key theoretical and methodological issues related to research in the field of media and everyday life.

Course design

The course is taught through seminars that are led by a tutor. They are designed to stimulate advanced reviews, comparisons, assessments, critical analyses or modulations of the literature. This literature includes original classic texts, as well as recent doctoral theses, that tackle questions of media use and everyday life. The course is examined via a written take- home exam, active participation in seminars, and oral presentations.