What's included?

The media and its role in communicating environmental issues

On this Master’s level course, you will describe, compare and assess the major traditions of media and communications theory, and methods relevant to environmental issues, analysing the role of the media as a central societal institution, a stakeholder and a form of representation that is relevant to environmental studies. You will also assess theoretical approaches and case studies, making connections between the media and their social and cultural settings, as well as learning to apply an advanced theoretical framework to a given set of data or observations on issues related to media and the environment. The oral and written presentation of reports and literature reviews is included on the course, along with the evaluation of the political impact of mediated communication in relation to
democratisation and sustainable development.

Course design

This course primarily builds on lectures that are combined with compulsory seminars. These are designed to assist you with studying the course literature, which includes research articles. Grades are awarded through a written home examination and oral contributions in seminars.