What's included?

The application and principles of good administration in the EU

You can study this course as preparation for writing a Master’s dissertation or as a freestanding course. It has two 15-credit modules. The first module is Principles of Good Administration in the EU, which covers the definition of the principles of good administration as developed within EU law and the application of these principles by the European institutions and public officers. The second module is Good Administration in the EU and Domestic Practice, which examines the principles of good administration in the EU legal order in various policy fields, such as environmental issues, highlighting the way in which EU law and its application in these fields has impacted national law and its application.

Course design

The course consists of lectures, guest lectures, seminars, and study visits, and includes compulsory written and oral elements, in which seminar reports and case descriptions must be done. Some tasks are individual, others are done as a group. Assessment is through a take- home examination, active participation in seminars, oral presentations, on an individual basis or as a group, written hand-in assignments, and compulsory attendance at lectures, guest lectures and study visits.