What's included?

Developing a theoretical framework and writing a Master’s dissertation

This course leads up to and includes the writing of your Master’s dissertation in tourism studies. It starts with a 7.5-credit module on your individual specialisation, conducted as a literature review that provides insights into disciplinary approaches in tourism studies and specialist knowledge in research areas in tourism. This results in a theoretical framework. The purpose for you to understand and explain scholarly theories, models, methods and their application to various issues. The next module is also worth 7.5 credits and focuses on research methods. It begins with a study in which you justify your choice and use of research methods based on various scholarly problems and approaches. The module also provides in- depth knowledge of how to search for, critically evaluate, analyse and integrate quantitative and/or qualitative data and information in tourism studies. The final module, worth 15 credits, is your Master’s dissertation – an autonomous scholarly work focusing on one of the research areas in city tourism: sustainable destination, heritage attractions, events, professional meetings, collaborative networks and hospitality management.

Course design

Work in this module includes essay planning, problem definition, literature review, empirical study and analysis with conclusions, finally bringing together the whole study to produce a scholarly paper.