Why this programme?

Pressing need for critical and creative solutions in sustainable development

If people, globally, are to live more sustainably, we need to be able to think critically and creatively, to dare to become agents of change and adopt a holistic perspective on knowledge and on society, and to understand complex links between different phenomena. Leadership is therefore vital to this societal transformation.

Due to cooperation with multiple subjects in the social sciences, the courses on this Master’s programme are continually developing, the aim being for you to gain nuanced and reflective knowledge of complex societal and ecological phenomena. One theme that runs through this programme is the use of new perspectives and creative problem formulations to meet the challenges that arise in the transformation to a sustainable society. The programme thus provides in-depth knowledge of your chosen specialisation, as well as an understanding of how it relates to fields of knowledge and traditions found in other scholarly subject areas and the field of sustainable societal development. Additionally, the programme is specifically designed to provide an opportunity to study a semester at another university in Sweden or abroad.