Why this programme?

Problem-solving, advanced analysis and the chance to study abroad

The programme is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the theory and practice of the media, and for you to acquire skills in problem solving, advanced analysis, and project completion. The programme thus prepares you for a broad range of professional careers within the media sector; it is also designed to prepare you for doctoral studies within the field of media and communication, nationally and internationally. The programme provides you with the knowledge to critically engage with the current hyper-mediated society from a critical and historically informed perspective. Central contemporary media technologies and production processes are analysed with the help of central traditions of media theory.

The third semester of the programme is devoted to optional courses, allowing you to specialise in topics closely related to your intended dissertation subject, and even to study these courses at another university in Sweden or abroad.

Johanna Lindell, CEO DIK

Johanna Lindell is the CEO of the trade union DIK. DIK is the union for people with a university education in communication or culture. She has worked in different positions in a couple of NGO’s. She studied media and communications in the 90:s and took the master degree recently at Södertörn University.

Hanna Stolpe, Former Kantar semiotics, now a freelancer in the media and communication sector

Hanna Stolpe was previously a visualisation specialist at Kantar Sweden, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. During her time there, she was involved in working on Kantar Semiotics' brand identity and marketing communication. Hanna has since moved on to become a freelancer in the media and communication sector. Her profession is about giving communication a creative direction, so that clients can fulfil their purposes and strengthen their brands.

Tilda Hellman

Since her time at Södertörn, Tilda Hellman has joined a global tech company, where she now works with communicating tech narratives to the Swedish market. She is happy she got to find and explore her interest in specifically Big Tech and how they communicate, and fortunate to continue this as a career.