Studenter som går i biblioteket.

Study in the library

Everyone is welcome to visit the library, but we are also part of your workplace, if you are a student at Södertörn University (SH), the Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH) or the University College of Music Education in Stockholm (SMI). On this page you can read more about how to find a suitable place to study and about the IT environment offered here.

Studying at the library

The library is a popular place to study for students from all over campus. The idea behind the library's study environment is that as many as possible should be able to find a study place that suits their particular needs. Therefore, we offer everything from absolute silence in the Silent reading room to vast areas for group work on floor 5 and half of floor 6. Signs will let you know what area you're in. We have group rooms that you can book, and a quiet IT lab with special support programs.

All over the library you will also find lots of desktop computers, where you can just sit down and log in. If you need to borrow a laptop computer for the day, just come and ask at the information desk. All students at SH and RKH may borrow.

If you need help for example finding information or writing references, just come up to the information desk. It is always staffed when the library is open. Welcome to study at the library. Below you will find more information in detail on studying at the library.


All rooms that go by names starting with UB are located in the library building. The first number reveals which floor the room is located on. Here is more specific information about how to find different rooms.

Finding your way in the rooms at the library

The Resource room UB 523

The Resource room is for students with a disability. You can study in peace and quiet and the room is equipped with support programs and a scanner.

The Quiet IT lab UB 518

In the Quiet IT lab you can work in peace and quiet.

The Info workshop UB 517

The Info workshop is among other things used for information seeking tutoring and introductions to talking books but everyone may use the room when it is not being used by staff.

The Study Support Unit UB 516

Are you going to a tutorial with one of the teachers at The Study Support Unit? Then you are looking for room UB 516.

Quiet rooms

If you feel ill or have a headache, the university has quiet rooms you can use.

The silent reading room

Sit down in an armchair or at a desk and read in peace and quiet.

Group study rooms at the library

In the library there are 10 group study rooms. Students at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College may book these rooms.

The IT environment at the library

In the library we have desktop computers, that anyone may use. We also have laptop computers that you may borrow if you are a student at SH or RKH. Click on the plus signs to see details.

These are found around the library, primarily on floor 6. All computers are equipped with the Office package from Microsoft. You do not book the computers in advance, just come by.

  • If you are an SH student, login using your SH account.
  • If you are a student at RKH you must currently get a so called SH account for RKH students. Ask at the information desk.
  • If you are part of the general public, you can get a guest account, meaning login information valid for one day, which you pick up at the information desk. You must be at least 18 years old and present valid ID. Please note that we may run out of guest accounts, since we have a limited amount each day.

As an SH or RKH student, you may also borrow a laptop computer throughout the day. Computers are to be checked out at the Information desk, and cannot be prebooked. Please note that you must return the computer on the same day before closing time, at the Information desk.

If you are a student at SH or RKH with an impairment, you can also borrow a laptop computer equipped with support programs during two weeks. Read more on page Library help and support for students with a disability.

In the library, you will find two available WiFi: Eduroam and SHGuest.

  • If you are an SH-student or member of staff you can use either, even though Eduroam usually works better. See more information on page Wireless network (WiFi).
  • If you are a student or member of staff at RKH, use Eduroam. Login with your RKH account. See more information on the RKH self service portal (in Swedish only)external link, opens in new window.
  • All other visitors may get temporary access at the SH Mediecenter, on presenting valid ID.


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