Historical Studies

Historical Studies is an area of the humanities in which aspects of society, culture and heritage are studied using the perspectives from various subject traditions. It has a lively research environment with great academic scope and the area is unified in how it covers empirical sciences that focus on long time perspectives.

Theoretical tools are used to analyse overall changes in society and its philosophical traditions, to obtain a better understanding of a changing world.

Historical Studies includes five subject areas for doctoral studies in the humanities: History, History of Ideas, Archaeology, Ethnology and The Study of Religions. Cooperation between these subjects is well-developed and includes as multidisciplinary research projects and interdisciplinary research supervision. In addition to studies in each subject, there are joint doctoral courses, seminars and events.

Research and doctoral courses in Historical Studies are located at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies, where the subjects and the Institute of Contemporary History (SHI) and MARIS research centres are based.

There is close cooperation with the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), which is tasked with coordinating the university’s research into the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

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