CBEES anordnar löpande seminareier, konferenser och workshops under året. Varannan måndag anordnas högre seminarie inom forskning som berör vårt område. Dessutom anordnas årligen CBEES Annual Conference som lockar deltagare från flera forskningsfält, lärosäten och länder.

Ansvarig för högre seminarier: Julia Malitska

16 mar

Launch of Baltic Worlds' Special issue "Women and 'the people'"

The articles on the developments in different countries, when read together, tell us something broader about the current transnational polarization around “gender” and the role that it plays for different political projects that claim to speak in the name of “the people”.

30 mar

Politics of Spatial Violence

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Tihomir Topuzovski.

20 apr

School mediation: Stakes, Risks and Side Effects

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Aurora Ailincai from the Council of Europe.

23 apr

Presentation of the special section: “Post-socialist Revolutions of Intimacy”, Sexuality & Culture, 2020

The lunch-seminar is organised by the Centre for baltic and East European Studies (CBEES).

27 apr
20 maj

Soviet space in contemporary Russia: Politics of nostalgia and utopian desire

Higher seminar in Political Science with Roman Privalov.

27 maj
28 maj

Workshop "New Media, New Learning: Teaching and Learning about Sustainable Development based on Science, mathematics, language and Digital Study Material".

A multidisciplinary workshop arranged by the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, the School of Culture and Education and the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University.

03 sep
04 sep

Popular music in the Post-Soviet sphere: Analysing current trends

The workshop titled “Popular music in the Post-Soviet sphere: Analysing current trends” aims to carve out the main contributions currently being made by scholars to studies of Post-Soviet popular music in the 21st century.