CBEES anordnar löpande seminarier, konferenser och workshops under året. Varannan måndag anordnas högre seminarie inom forskning som berör vårt område. Dessutom anordnas årligen CBEES Annual Conference som lockar deltagare från flera forskningsfält, lärosäten och länder.

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20 sep

Great powers and small states – Rudolf Kjellén´s Baltic geopolitical visions and the role of democracy

Interested in geopolitics in both retrospect and contemporary application? CBEES and the Institute of Contemporary History would like to invite you to an event where we will discuss and present Rudolf Kjellén (1864-1922), the inventor of the concept of geopolitics.

24 sep

Disputation med Mani Shutzberg i den praktiska kunskapens teori

Mani Shutzberg försvarar sin avhandling: "Tricks of the Medical Trade: Cunning in the Age of Bureaucratic Austerity”.

04 okt
05 okt

Towards the Decolonization of Nordic Higher Education

An Interdisciplinary workshop organized by GEST – Gender Equality Studies and Traiuning Programme at the University of Iceland, and by Södertörn University with support of ReNew

04 okt

A Moscow Room with Challenging Perspectives

CBEES Advanced Seminar with Maria Lind, Counsellor of Culture at the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow

03 nov
04 nov

Political Participation in Central and Eastern Europe During the Pandemic

The conference is intended to take place face to face. Depending on the COVID-19 regulations, it may be hosted it in a hybrid or completely on-line format" This sentence can be deleted from the bottom of the ad if we put it in bold since it makes little sense to have it twice.

25 nov
26 nov

CBEES Annual Conference 2021 - With and After Empire: Enduring Pasts Across the Local and the Global

Welcome to the 7th Annual Conference of the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) Södertörn University, Sweden, Stockholm (Online event)!