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Bengtsson, Stina - Professor

Bengtsson, Stina - Professor


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We know from earlier research that new ethical principles, and thus a specific morality, have developed in relation to new, digital, media. Values such as freedom (of speech), creativity, and individualism are central here, as are passion, hedonism, etc. These results, however, are mostly based upon analyses of small, specific groups of early adopters; hacker, file sharers, those who download music, etc, groups that almost exclusively are based on youth. At the same time, usage of digital media is quickly spreading in the population at large, and different and varied groups of people today use digital media as an integrated part of their everyday life. This research project aims at studying the moral dimensions of digital media use, in a media-saturated everyday life. This means, more specifically, to analyze both ethical and moral dimensions of digital media use; that is both values and norms as well as well as questions of morality that appear in specific everyday life situations. As we strive towards both broad and deep understanding of this phenomenon we will combine quantitative analyses of a statistically significant sample of Swedes with qualitative analyses of smaller and more specific groups.

Professor Bengt Johansson, Institutionen för journalistik, medier och kommunikation, Göteborgs universitet

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Institutionen för kultur och lärande Medie och kommunikationsvetenskap Kritisk kulturteori Media


2014 — 2017


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