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Media and Communication Studies

Graphic element for the subject of Media and Communication StudiesIs the medium the message? Is high culture just another subculture? Is Facebook a public sphere? What kinds of power do the media have? Where are the audiences of tomorrow?

The media is permeating an increasing number of areas of modern life. These are arenas for power struggles, for the fostering of democracy and opinion-building.They influence our forms of storytelling, our perceptions of reality and appreciation of aesthetics, our understanding of history, our opportunities to learn about distant places, to establish new friendships and to construct identities.

Media and Communication Studies provides you with the tools to understand these arenas. Media and Communication Studies aims to provide students with a relevant civic education; a critical, analytical and historical understanding of the media. It also provides familiarity with the practices and tools used by the media, training analytical ability, and the ability to gain insight into the art of communicating in speech, writing and with the use of digital tools.

Media and Communication Studies

Media and Communication Studies presents historical, social scientific and cultural-theoretical perspectives on the media. From the new to the old, from private to public, from journalism and news to the arts and entertainment, from media arts to computer games.

For international students we offer one Master's programme (two years) in Media, Communication and Cultural Analysis and two five-week basic courses: Media, Culture and Society 1 and  Media, Culture and Society 2.

More information on how to apply is available here.

Our programmes contain both theoretical and practical elements. We want our students' education to be relevant, providing a critical, analytical and historical understanding of the media. We also want the students to become familiar with the tools used by media practitioners, so we collaborate with media companies and run courses in media production.

Södertörn University is a lively research environment; most teachers have doctorates and are active researchers. We organise research and PhD education in cooperation with Philosophy and Aesthetics, as well as Gender Studies, Comparative Literature and the History and Theory of Art, as part of the Critical and Cultural Theory research area.

Research includes:

  • Culture and technology, including digital media cultures.
  • Identity transformations, with a focus on media practices in relation to narratives, symbols and spatial environments.
  • Media history, particularly in relation to historical consciousness, memory and temporality.
  • Media and power, especially on how values and citizenship are produced, reproduced and challenged by different media and media practices.