What's included?

Journalism, freedom of the press and journalistic roles and production processes

Are you interested in the global role of journalism and press freedom, or the part played by journalism around the world? This course has two modules: one covers the specific roles of journalism in different societies and fields of power, and the other deals with journalism and freedom of the press. You will analyse the field of journalism studies, thoroughly describing the similarities and differences between journalism in different parts of the world, both as regards media content and journalistic production processes and professional roles.

Course design

The course is built up around lectures, seminars and group assignments, and you are also expected to attend higher seminars at the department. Assessment is based upon your participation in seminars, oral and written assignments, as well as a written take-home examination.

The course can be studied as the first course on the International Master’s in Journalism (60 credits) or as a freestanding course. If you choose it as a freestanding course and take the 15-credit course in Journalism and International Conflicts in the second half of the semester, you will have studied the equivalent of the first semester of the Master's programme.