Interested in doctoral studies?

If you are a doctoral student at Södertörn University, this section deals with questions about doctoral education, such as admissions, courses and other common issues.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to doctoral (third-cycle) studies, both the general and specific entry requirements must be fulfilled.

  • General entry requirements mean that the applicant must have a Master's (second-cycle) degree along with completed courses worth at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits are from second-cycle studies. The applicant may have gained the equivalent qualifications in some other educational context in Sweden or elsewhere.
  • Specific entry requirements are different for different subjects. The requirements for your subject of interest are stated in the relevant syllabus

Appended documentation

Everything that you refer to in your application, and all the appended documentation (including certificates/grades), must be submitted via our application system, ReachMee, where vacant positions are advertised and applied for. The assessment groups cannot retrieve certificates/grades from LADOK.

Calls for applications

Södertörn University advertises doctoral positions collectively, once each year. Calls for applications are open from mid-January to mid-February, and admissions decisions are made during the spring, usually in April/May. The doctoral programme and employment period begin on 1 September that year.

Doctoral positions may occasionally be advertised at other times.

For information about current calls for applications, please go to vacant positions External link., where you can use the "Subscribe” button to register for emails when doctoral positions are advertised.

Numerous doctoral courses are given at Södertörn University. When places are available, we welcome the participation of doctoral students from other subjects and universities. Many of the courses are given in English. For more information about the courses, please ask the relevant research area for doctoral education and BEEGS. For more information about each subject's research, visit its webpage.

Where can I find information about doctoral education at Södertörn University?

On ( and on the employee web’s pages for doctoral students.

I am applying from abroad. Where can I find information about moving to Sweden to study?

The “Foreign doctoral students” page on the employee web has links to helpful websites. ( External link.)

Is it possible to apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for more than one position.

Is there a tuition fee?


Do I need fluent spoken and written Swedish to apply?

Only if stated in the advertisement.

Do I need fluent spoken and written English to apply?

The ability to assimilate academic material in English and a command of the language necessary for work on the thesis are prerequisites for admission to the programme.

Are there language requirements for the application and supporting documentation?

An application can be made in Swedish, English, Danish or Norwegian, unless otherwise stated in the advertisement. Applicants with degree projects in a language other than those listed above must append them in their entirety, along with a summary of about 14,000 characters in one of the abovementioned languages. Certificates, grades and degree certificates in other languages must be translated to Swedish or English. The translation must be done by an authorised translator.

Do I have to include both my Bachelor's essay and my Master's dissertation in the application?

Where the specific entry requirements state that you must submit work from both levels, the assessment panel wants to be able to evaluate your progression from the Bachelor’s essay to the Master’s dissertation, so wants you to submit an essay/dissertation from both levels. However, not every subject requires this, so please check the advertisement for the specific entry requirements.

What is a project plan/research plan?

The project plan/research plan should present the research problem, appropriate theories, methods and delimitations, as well as previous research in the field. If you are applying to BEEGS, your project plan must also describe the project’s relevance to the Baltic Sea and Eastern European region. Please refer to the advertisement for information about the scope of the plan.

Do I need to submit grades that are in Swedish systems for study documentation (such as LADOK)?

Yes, because the assessment panel is unable to retrieve grades from LADOK (or equivalent systems).

Do I need to append my degree certificate?

We prefer to receive degree certificates but, if you do not have one, you may submit an extract from LADOK or a similar system that clearly shows that you have completed your studies and meet the requirements for doctoral studies, such as the basic entry requirements (at least 60 higher education credits at advanced level or equivalent) and the specific entry requirements, that vary depending on the subject (see eligibility requirements in the advertisement or in the subject's general syllabus).

What should I include in my CV?

Personal information: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address.

Qualifications: state your higher education qualifications and the year, subject and place.

Employment: past and present employment, with job titles and dates of employment.

Any other merits you wish to present, such as positions of trust or publications.

Who should I choose as references?

Your referees should be familiar with your academic achievements and be able to testify to your academic development and ability. We need contact information for two people.

Are previous publications necessary?

You do not need to have published work in Swedish or any other language to apply for a doctoral studentship. If you have published work, you can append up to three publications.

Can I supplement my application after the deadline?

Your application must have been received by the university before the deadline stated in the advertisement. Applications and appendices can be submitted until 23.59 on that date.

You may supplement your application with grades and certificates that confirm your eligibility and/or qualifications within ten working days after the deadline. However, this only applies if the course or qualifications you are referencing was completed with a pass grade before the application deadline.

As a doctoral student at Södertörn University, what will I be paid?

Your pay is regulated in a local collective agreement, the salary scale for doctoral students, and is decided by the university after negotiation with the unions. The salary scale has four levels and is based upon how long you have been employed. You move up from one level to another after 12, 24 and 36 months of full-time employment on a doctoral studentship.

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